Gay Online Dating Sites – Will They Work For You?

Isn’t there more to you than just your sexuality? Is being gay the only defining factor about you? Probably (hopefully) not. So when looking for love online, does it make sense to confine yourself to sites that focus on that single element? Well, it depends what kind of love you are looking for.

Over the last decade gay on line dating sites have become positively mainstream. There was a time that any “m4m” or “male seeking male” dating sites seemed to have the same generic profiles and stock photos of well oiled bodies in loin cloths. Well, not exactly. But certainly images as stereotypical as the members of the Village People. Harmless eye candy and excellent fodder for fantasies? Sure, for many. Demeaning and offensive? Well, maybe for others. These types of sites are certainly good if you want some on line flirting,” sexting”, or a casual hook up. It’s unlikely that you will find your life partner there.

Current scientific research shows that a need for a strong, romantic attachment is a biochemical need, as real as the need to eat or to drink. Based on thorough brain research, it has been found that this biochemical need is present in gay people in no varying degree from straight people. We all want and crave a long term mate. So it makes sense then, that if a long term partner is your goal, you should stick with an on line dating and matchmaking service that has the most experience with this area of expertise.

The top on line dating services (with one notable, well publicized exception that I won’t even mention – why give them free publicity?) are inclusive of all sexual preferences, so there’s no need to stick to a strictly gay site. The top on line services offer the additional benefits of larger membership, more thorough screening and matching options, greater experience and guaranteed privacy. The best services should also offer you’re a free trial period so that you can browse your matches before you commit to a payment. “Try before you buy” if you will. Given that the average membership fee is less than the cost of a date, looking for love on line is also a cost effective as well as more efficient way to go.

Of course, there are some very clear advantages for gay people using an online dating site. For even the most confident and openly “out” professionals, there can still be an awkwardness and stigma being seen in your local community gay bars or openly recognized gay hunting grounds. Maybe you live in an area that doesn’t even have an openly recognized gay community, then finding a date can be a real problem. Using an on line dating site you can browse through your options in the privacy of your own home, and get to know your potential match well before you even go on a date. That means if things aren’t immediately “clicking”, it’s a very low pressure environment to let the other person know that.

If you have never given on-line matchmaking sites a try, you could be missing out. Maybe your Mr. or Mrs. Right is just a few keystrokes away!