Have the Best Online Dating Profile

In online dating, the very first thing other users see about you is your profile. It’s your face in this world of online dating. Your dating profile gives the first impression, this is why it is important to write a proper profile to give off a great impression. To achieve this, here are a few guidelines for writing the best online dating profile:

1. Stick out

Check out other dating profiles. Avoid saying similar things that they do. Be original and be different from the others. This will get you noticed faster, generate more views and eventually get more dates. Don’t be scared to be yourself, because this almost always leads to being unique.

2. Use Photos

This is not a resume’ or anything similar. Try to steer clear from headshots as your profile photo. Again, try to be different. Use fun and unique pictures of you in an activity you love.

3. Consistency

Trust goes a long way, and if you’re not consistent in your dating profile, it takes away your credibility.

4. Keep it to the point

No one likes to read an essay regarding your life. Keep your online profile short, to the point and neat. But this doesn’t mean that you have avoid writing about your interests. Simply describe your personality as fast and accurate as you can.

5. Do not be too weird

Being different almost always is good, on the other hand, being very strange is creepy. There is a difference between the two. Aim to be different by being honest to create interest and/or curiosity. But avoid mentioning your weird secrets or fetishes. This can scare others away.

6. Do not boast

It’s easy to talk about yourself and look too boastful, do not this as much as possible. Aim to hit the balance between self effacing and self glorification.

7. Mind your grammar

Using incorrect grammar can quickly reduce your chances of getting others to talk with you. It makes you look unintelligent. If you’re unsure, ask your friend to help edit your dating profile.

8. Be realistic

One of the gravest mistakes in online profile writing is to describe his/her perfect partner to be too perfect. Don’t seem to be superficial. Also, do not mention just the physical traits, mention personality and character traits too.

Keep in mind to stay true, to the point and accurate in your online dating profile. This’ll largely increase your dating success.