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To All Single Women – Do Not Hurry Into Marriages

Do not hurry love. This is an advice targeted to all single women who are trying to push their romance into marriages.

Many ladies rush into marriages, as if they are in a competition to see who gets there first. However, after marriage, many ladies wonder why they rush into marriage, without having a romantic dating life. They thought that they can still find the same kind of dating romance after marriages, which is not true.

Romance takes on a different stage after marriage, which is completely different from dating romance.

Ladies definitely face the pressure of the biological clock, and thus want to get married fast. They worry about being left on the shelf. However, I do not think that ladies should rush into marriages, just because of the age factor.

Many ladies are already thinking of marriage after a few dates. They are trying to display qualities of a good wife, in front of their potential husbands. A lady tends to forget about her desires in love, and simply go all out to capture the man, as she is afraid that the man may fall in love with another lady. Some even resorted to move in to stay with the man, just after a few dates.

In fact, do not put pressure on yourself to get married. Men do not think the same way. It is unlikely that a man will want to get married, just after a few dates. If you reveal yourself as a needy or desperate lady, a man may get frightened off.

In order to lead an exciting romantic love life, do not just think about marriages. Instead, you can choose to lead a single life in a wonderful way. Enjoy your courtship days. You will end up regretting, if you missed the memorable days of your love life.