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An Intro to Online Dating Sites

Online dating has become very popular over the past few years, even more so than running around in bars ad clubs trying to find that one soul mate, or the person of your dreams. That being said, there is a great and grand history to the way online dating got started and how it has evolved like a living thing over the years. People seem to flock in droves to the online dating sites and it begs a question that needs answering. What do the online dating sites have that regular “going out to a bar or to the club” dating scene does not have, and why are they so very popular?

First, let us go over a little bit of the history of online dating and its evolution. Online dating got its start right around the time the World Wide Web started evolving and rally taking off. The first service started in 1995 with the advent of the internet itself and it is still one of the biggest sites around today. When that first service started out from Houston, it operated through telephone lines and a modem. However, the service quickly grew and needed to move on. That was when the first “internet dating site” was born. The year was 1998 and, since then, online dating has grown so very fast and popular that there are now over 10,000 separately run online internet dating sites in existence.

Well, a few things factor into the popularity of the online dating world. One factor being the way it is so easy to remain anonymous. That said, one would ask why a person signing up for a site like this would want to remain anonymous. For a very good reason, and that being that most people whom join sites like these are not confident enough in themselves to give out real information. Many users of dating sites will give false information because they do not like the way they look, or maybe they are cheating on their significant others. Anonymity alone makes dating sites very attractive for potential users (but very dangerous too).

Another thing that makes online dating sites so popular is the way a person can connect with another person not only from their area, as regular dating limits them to. A person is able to connect with people who share their same interests from all around the world. This scenario can open a door for people who have had bad or no luck in the past with their local area, or have exhausted all other possibilities. With so very many

in so many different places, the opportunities are limitless. There are literally millions of people are now become instantly accessible.