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How Do I Get a Guy to Like Me? Here is How to Easily Make Any Guy Fancy You & Treat You Well

As a woman, what techniques do you have to get a guy to like you? Guys may not have the same preferences when it comes to choosing their girlfriends but there basic guidelines that could make any guy notice and like you. If you want to work your way into his arms, then better be guided with these 7 tips:

Make sure that he sees you and notices you each time you cross paths. Studies have proven that the more a person gets familiar with someone, the more chances that he’d already have a mental picture of that someone-bank on this fact.

Men respect women who respect themselves. Once you start calling him ten times a day just to check where he is, or when you start crying at the least concerns, then you’re not drawing your man towards you-you’re just doing the exact opposite. Show him that you’re a strong and independent woman.

First impressions have a lasting effect so make sure you create an indelible impression on him. Impress him with your intelligence, confidence and beauty, and he’s as good as bagged!

You may be the best looking girl in town, but when you start talking and all he hears is gossip or your latest trip to the parlor, then you’re done for! Show him that you’re a woman of substance by talking about ideas. Men are easily stimulated by women who are abreast with what’s happening in the world and who can keep a great conversation.

Men may take a second look at women who wear daring and overly sexy clothes, but the women that they introduce to their parents are the ones that look decent. You can be seductive without dressing cheaply or appearing like a slut.

You wouldn’t want a guy to think that you’re stalking him by following him wherever he hangs out or by annoying him with your pestering calls. If you want him to like you, don’t go chasing after him.

Although attitude really matters, you must accept the fact that men prefer to like women who pay attention to their looks. If you look dull and lifeless all the time, no guy would be looking your way, so don’t even dream that he would like you. This is a harsh reality that you have to face so better pay attention to the way you look in the mirror.