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For Starters, Here Are the Top 5 Dating Tips For Men

How many of us dream of having a sexy female hanging on to our arm when we step out for the evening! It is an exhilarating feeling when heads turn to watch you and your lovely date walk into a room. Is there a genie’s lamp that one could rub or a bronze statue that one could kiss on the nose so that it would be easy to pick up that date?

Here are the top 5 dating tips for men that I think will help you get going. First, you must be of a pleasant frame of mind, as women would not like to spend an evening with a grouch, however rich you are. If you are a good conversationalist and can charm her by showering her with compliments on her looks, attire etc., you are onto a good wicket. Do not worry if you are nervous, diffident and stumble for the right things to say. Look up the various websites and pick out some conversation starters that can make your date enthusiastic about the evening.

Another of the top 5 dating tips for men is to be courteous and gentle. Loud, chauvinistic men do not turn on women even though they may own a swanky car. Men, who pay attention, pull out a chair for a woman etc. get a better response on a date. You can begin foreplay by gently brushing her hair back and nuzzling the nape of her neck, telling her you loved the smell of her or whispering how happy her presence is making you feel. Women may be turned off by lewd suggestive talk.

Watch out for body language when you make these advances. Her responses will help you along. If she yawns or looks elsewhere for distraction, you are boring her. Change your line of behavior and encourage her to talk about herself. Act interested and soon she will be confiding her likes and dislikes to you. If she suggests meeting up with her folks or friends, you know that she wants to see you again.

Finally, this is one of the top 5 dating tips for men that can get your date decide whether she will see you again. Ask her over to your place for a cup of coffee or see if she has plans to invite you to her home when you escort her to the door of her house. Shake hands, peck her on her cheek, and begin to move as if you were walking away. If she lingers or holds you back, she is obviously waiting for you to make the move. Go for it!